How this works?

How's this thing work?

Thousands of bands will sign up for American Battle 2014, each band will fill out an online application and create your own band profile page on the American Battle website. Your band profile page will have pictures, mp3, bio, video, as well as links to any or all of your websites such as a (.com) or social networks. Since we only have room for 350 bands to compete live during the summer tour, Rawkzilla staff along with network and industry professionals will scout the thousands of online entries (their profile page) and hand pick the live competing bands.

Round 1

Fill out FREE online entry form and create the band profile page. Rawkzilla Staff along with network and Industry professionals will filter all entries and hand pick the live competitors. Congratulations if your band is chosen to play live-you just made it to round 2!

Round 2

Rawkzilla staff and Talent Hunters Entertainment Group along with other Network and Industry professionals hit the road to host and film round 2….The Live Show! We are hitting 32 major cities across the US looking for the best undiscovered independent bands. Your live performance will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on a number of things such as: *Opening impression of show, was it captivating? *Stage Presence, are you entertaining? *Vocal pitch, lead and back up? *song writing, are your songs industry standard? *are you marketable? ... and much more. After the conclusion of the 32 city nation-wide tour, back to the world wide web we go for….


Bands that make the Semi-finals will showcased on an exclusive spot on our websites including, and From here online fan votes along with judges will decide which semi finalists bands will make it to the expenses paid Grand Finals!

Time Slots

Your band will be assigned a load in and time slot several weeks before the show date. We assign time slots by how we feel your band would fit best in the lineup. Band changeovers will be 15 min with no exception.

Some shows are All Ages, some shows are 18+ and some are 21+. This all depends on the venue and city laws.

Don't piss of the moms and dads that brought their kids to see the show. We are not the lyric police however if we feel that your show is inappropriate for the average audience we have the right to disqualify your band. All bands, musicians and artists are required to keep clothed during your performance on stage.

Ticket Sales

All Tickets to all shows are $10 dollars per person.(ten dollars) Kids under 10 are free.

Do I have to do presale tickets? to play is one of the dumbest things i've heard of, HOWEVER; we are not interested in having bands on the show that won't go "all out" with promoting and performing. Theres a lot of cash up for grabs, a ton of expensive prizes and no promoter or venue has any interest in a band that wont get people out to the show. If your band can't deliver 25+ people to a show then your not a band we are going to want on the bill. "I refuse to work hard for bands that don't work hard for themselves." David Hitchcock CEO Rawkzilla Magazine, Owner & Producer: American Battle


We put this on for bands, NOT to line our pockets with cash. Putting on an amazing show with a huge production doesn't come cheap. Ticket sales go towards all the cash payouts, prizes, travel expenses for finalist bands as well as getting VIP judges.

Why do Battle of the Bands have terrible reputations?

Simple…..shady stupid promoters in it for the cash, voting on popularity when voting should be on talent, sponsors not making good on prizes won, promoters offering prizes they don't have, recording contracts with small, no name, back alley "labels," venues having terrible sound and lights….but mostly lack of organization, preparation and communication between promoter, venue and bands.

Why is this one any better?

Rawkzilla has earned its amazing reputation by being what bands want and need along with following through with promises made. Rawkzilla has been around for a long time and is continually growing at a rapid pace-this only happens with positive consistency.

We do everything in house, which means we don't hire anything out, we do all the traveling, host/emcee all the shows, work directly with bands, align all sponsors and prizes, over-see every area of the tournament. IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS, REPUTATION IS EVERYTHING!!

"OUR" Battle of the Bands competition is the best way to gain exposure and fans, sell some merch, network with other bands, get experience as well as advice/tips from professionals. With our average show attendance at 300+ people-this is a much better way for exposure that a normal local show drawing less than 100

"OUR" Battle of the Bands is widely known for having huge turn-outs, which is a big part of the attraction. A typical Rawkzilla Grand Finals attendance is 1,000+ people.