why join?

American Battle is a nation wide live music competition welcoming all music genres. During the summer of 2014 Rawkzilla Magazine & Talent Hunters Entertainment Group will be touring the United States with a full TV production hosting one of the largest live production battle of the band competitions ever. All shows are being filmed for the new reality series American Talent Hunters.
Purpose of the tournament

Find the hottest independent undiscovered artists and hook them up with serious cash and gear that will thrust them forward in their carriers.

If my band wins will we get a record deal?

How should we know? We are not offering a record deal. We are however working with and scouting for several record labels and booking agencies who are looking for new bands to sign!

If I win am I under a contract of any kind?

No- we will offer our artist management services to top placing bands, however; there is no obligation. Winning band will be offered the headlining slot on the next season of American Battle. We are here to help you, not screw you over.

Who operates American Battle?

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